What is Life Coaching



In honor of launching my new website, I am devoting this newsletter to explaining what Life Coaching is, why it was for me, and when it might be helpful.  I became a coach because over the past 9 years, a coach has helped me to negotiate significant pay raises, helped me to develop successful systems in my personal relationships, and provided me with personalized insight about how I identify what makes me “tick”.  I didn’t want to choose generic goals that were for other people.  It is much to the credit of the coaching relationship that I know how I want to spend my time…often even down to the hour.  I was simply amazed at what the coaching relationship helped to reveal about myself and I wanted to do the same for others.  Over and over, the coaching relationship has simplified the murky “what’s next” phases of my life.  I am truly grateful for this process.

Life Coaching is…

a process where a coach provides a platform for you to gain personal, specific, and useful insight about yourself

a process that seeks to identify what motivates you and truly understand what you uniquely value

a relationship that sees the client as the expert in themselves

a process that seeks to identify what steps you can take to build a life around your personal and unique motivations

A solutions-focused approach

Life Coaching is NOT

psychotherapy…(but can be therapeutic)

a place that seeks to “fix” you

a process that diagnoses

a stagnant process…(coaching is designed to move forward)

A Personal Life Coach might be helpful when:

you are seeking to make a change in your career or education

you are becoming a parent (work-life balance, family structure, family goals…)

you are hoping to address work-related concerns

you would like to address concerns about current or desired romantic relationship

you would like to address financial concerns

would like to improve your time management

Would you consider forwarding this email to three people in your life who might find it useful? I would be grateful and they might be too.