Say Yes


Happy New Year:  Say Yes First!

New Years is an exciting time.  It can also be a time filled with immense amount of expectations and hope.  I find expectations plus hope, can become overwhelming if I don’t see a clear and exciting path towards making them come true.  The path has to lead me towards a meaningful and sustainable end. It has to assure me that once I go down it, my life will be more meaningful…I will feel fuller.  Goals such as weight loss, or being “less shy”, or any goal asking ourselves “not to be” anything (not-single, not food obsessed, not a smoker, not a work-aholic), can leave us feeling uninspired and empty.

While I am a firm believer in fitness, healthy nutrition, work-life balance, and a healthy social life…I know I don’t like to tell myself “no.” While I know I shouldn’t live on a diet of pure sugar (and believe me, I could), saying “no” to all sugar makes me feel deprived.  Likewise, there are many times in a week I would like to stay up late watching TV and “unwinding.”  Telling myself “no TV” feels like I’m being punished.  Instead, I must know what I am saying YES to, and then decide what I have time for.  For instance, if I am saying YES to feeling good about my body, my time, and my spirit, I personally must say YES to exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and spending time with people I love.  After eating several portions of greens and protein throughout the day, I have less room in my belly and less desire to pile on the sugar… so I have a little.  After getting up early, exercising and then meeting friends for dinner in the evening… I have less energy to stay up and watch TV…so I watch less.  These are the habits I do about 70% of the time, to achieve my personal homeostasis… my “happy place.”  When I commit to living like this I feel proud of my time, I feel productive, and I feel full.  And then, I find I can be more flexible the other 30% of the time and still feel happy.  When I want to indulge in cake for breakfast or a late-night TV marathon once in a while, it’s not such a big deal as long as it stays in the 30% or less timeslot.

Imagine I had a large bowl.  If I fill that bowl with all the ingredients that I say YES to first…there will be less room to fill it with the “no” ingredients.  However if I spent all my time figuring out what not to put in the bowl…I would just have an empty bowl.

Let’s spend our time saying YES!

What will you say YES to in 2014?

Happy New Year,