Remember Mad Libs? Try This…

Dear (Your Name_______________),

I keep telling myself that I REALLY want to make time to ______________________

this year.   I haven’t done it because __________________,  ______________, and

____________________.  I  spend most of my time _____________________.

When I do get a free moment I usually spend it _______________________ or

________________________.  If I really wanted to spend time doing (above said

activity) I would need to spend less time ____________________________ and

_______________________.  Is it worth it to me?  If it is, I am willing

to__________________________ and __________________________ to

make this happen.  If it’s not worth it to me, I recognize that (above said activity) is a nice

aspiration for someone, just not me and I am going to let it go and take it off my

“to-do” list for now.  This will allow more mental energy to be freed from obsessing

over my “should’s” list.



*The “pen” is powerful.  It’s hard for our psyche to ignore what we write.  Written goals are more powerful.  Our actions need not be driven by inertia, with even just a small amount of consideration, we can make big changes, understand what brings meaning to our life, and clear out the time suckers that leave us feeling depleted.

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