Process vs. Outcome

I have been thinking a great deal about my tendency to focus on outcomes and how that focus takes away from my overall experience.  When we focus, or obsess over what the results could beor how things should turn out, we have no choice but to be ripped from the present moment and possibly miss other opportunities along the way.
When I first moved from Boston to Portland, I was terrified.    I was so worried I wouldn’t find a job to support myself.  I compared Boston salaries to Portland salaries and somehow came up with a bottom-line number.  It was low.  I accepted a salaried position that offered me exactly that number.  I never stopped to think to reach for more.  The job was miserable and in a dysfunctional organization. No one had told me that both of the people who had the job prior to me left within 2 weeks and I never had bothered to ask because I was so focused on the outcome of my salary.  I lasted 6 months and then finally came to my senses… I needed to set a higher bar.  I quit, I gave up my healthcare, and I took a leap.  For 9 months I bought a cheep emergency healthcare policy, I worked three part time jobs, and I was so much happier.  I didn’t feel stuck.  Soon enough I came across a full time position that I loved and went on to work there for over seven years.  It was only when I was able to focus on the process and my immediate need to find meaning in my day to day that allowed me to make that leap.

Many of my clients come to me during a time of desired career transition.  They too often only see one way through it, from a financial perspective.  I need ________ amount of money so I must work _______ amount of hours at this specific job.  Through the coaching process we blow up that black and white option.  We stop looking through the lens of “one specific outcome” and focus on making our day to day meaningful and inspired.

***Both of the above were career examples, but this also applies to our relationships with others.  I will save that for another newsletter.

What would you stop doing today if you cared less about the outcome?
What would you start doing?

Happy Spring