Pressing Pause



I’m writing to you exactly 11 days since the birth of my daughter.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of gratitude that I feel for my loving family, my friends, and a community of generous beings who have gone above and beyond, blessing us with support and love as we go through this major transition.  Aside from a wee bit of a struggle I had with myself over receiving and accepting so much help and so many gifts of love, I realize one thing that I am not struggling with, and that is the desire and acceptance of pressing pause and just “Being In It”. 

What does “Being in It” look like?  For me, it looks like hitting a pause button.  It means I take a little break from self-reflection, self-improvement, my desire to change and my desire to grow.  I’m giving myself permission to just be.  How does this manifest?  It might mean fewer plans and less external commitments.  It might mean more self-acceptance, more patience with yourself, with where you are in various aspects of your life including being or not being in a relationship, including your professional situation or lack there of. It means accepting any aspects of your life that are in limbo and loose ends that need tying up.  It means less judgment of where you “could be” and more acceptance of where you are.

I assume most who read this newsletter are folks who care about self-improvement, those who strive to be better, and those who are committed to a lifetime of learning and introspection.  I am committed to all of those things as well.  But just as we must shut down our computers at night, I truly believe that occasionally we must press the pause button on self-improvement and allow stale thought patterns to dissolve.

The Benefits of Pressing Pause

  1. Allows us to take a break from our existing mantras and goals
  2. Enables us to begin thinking, planning, and dreaming from a blank slate
  3. Helps reduce the negative self-talk that often clouds our decision making (negative self-talk can result in fear-based decision making)
  4. Re-awakens our intuition and allows us to “tune in” to our gut instincts (decisions made from a place of self-compassion can have much more positive effects on our lives than fear-based ones)

Take the “Press Pause” Challenge

  1. Minimize plans (sometimes we stay busy to avoid feeling)
  2. Accept your current position (at work, in or out of your relationship, your health, your relationships with friends and family ect…)
  3. Tell yourself that you are accepting everything in your life just how it is…for now.  You will get back to all of your lofty goals soon.
  4. Be In It! For how long? That’s up to you… perhaps until it stops being uncomfortable.       

With warmth and affection,