Organizational Consulting

Organizational Services

We know our organizations are only as strong as the people who run them!

Our teams of employees are our best assets and we rely on them to maximize productivity. Organizational coaching can drastically help improve individual and team performance by addressing communication styles and systems, employee relationships, and “collective flow”. In addition, supervisors can benefit from our specific Supervisor Workshop or provide their employees with a coach to help improve individual performance.

Supersize Your Supervisor Skills

Maximize your teams performance, a workshop for supervisors:
The way we supervise our employees has direct impact on our organization’s overall success. A well-motivated team has the potential to maximize our profits, maximize our relationships with our clients, and maximize our overall organizational growth. The workshop is designed to work with supervisors and help them develop a personalized plan for their team.

Help your employees feel empowered to go the extra mile

  • Learn how to “manage up”
  • Build trust
  • Enable emotional connection to the work
  • Increase transparent expectations and markers of success
  • Build consistent communication/eliminate surprises
  • Celebrate your success

*Group and individual rates available. Workshop can be done onsite and can include individual follow up coaching or not. Contact us for a customized plan for your organization.