Having it All


Does it seem like some people have it all?  In an age of social media, facebook, instagram, pictures being texted, posted, forwarded, ect… Many of us come across a barrage of captured moments in other people’s lives.  We see funny clips, smiling friends, exotic travel pictures, delicious meals, vacations, snuggly babies, fancy clothes, made up faces, innocent love, ect… And while our conscious-self knows that these pictures are just one part of this persons life, and that there are many other moments in that same persons life that are not picture-worthy, a part of our sub-conscious often asks ourselves…  “How do I get that?”

It’s both a beautiful and dangerous tendency that we as humans want to imitate what we think are the best parts of others’ lives.  We see someone who can afford to travel to exotic places and think…I should be able to do that. We see a parent who seemingly spends endless amounts of time with their child, and think, I should not only be able to do that, I should want that.  We see people who have “perfect” bodies on the outside, and think…what should I be doing to look like that.  Often times, because of the way our brains work, we see the extremes.  The perfect physique, the most admirable career, the “happiest” marriage, the up-to-date-wardrobe, and the care-free hammock with warm salty water in the background.  We even try to be realistic about these lofty goals… if I work hard and save, if I find the perfect job, if I go to the gym four times a week, ect… Still, we often do not see what others give up in order to obtain such “magical picture” moments, or what they have chosen to give up.

It’s so hard to know the difference between striving for better, and seeking unrealistic perfection.  How can we tell the difference? How can we know what to strive for personally?
In 2017, I challenge us all to strive for meaning…instead of happiness. I trust that a version of happiness can only come from finding meaning in how we spend our time.  The only resolution one needs is to commit them self to a life that supports, inspires, and enables actions that bring them meaning.  

How do we know if something adds meaning to our life? How do we lead a lifestyle that inspires meaning?  Ask our selves:

  • Why this activity (sleeping, eating, resting, playing, exercising, ect)?
  • Why this activity now, at this point in time?
  • How does this activity make me feel?
  • Does this activity inspire an emotion I want?
  • What are the costs of the activity (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial)?
  • How does the activity affect our relationship with others?
  • What are the repercussions of the activity?
  • How am I trying to feel?
  • Before we make a plan, understand what we are trying to get out of that plan?
  • What does a successful day, week, month, look like for me?
  • How am I different than the people I admire? How am I the same?
Happy New Year to YOU! Make this year a great one.

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