Group Workshops

Group Services

Network, Build Skills, Maximize your Learning Experience

Group workshops are a great way to maximize your learning experience.  Inspired Direction offers both pre-set and customizable workshops for a variety of populations.

Sample Workshops:

Take Back Your Time – Time Management Workshop – 2 Hours:
This workshop is great for people who are feeling “in a rut” or “maxed out” on energy. This workshop will help you get off autopilot and think about where your time is going. It will help you decide the best ways you can use your time and discuss strategies for time-savers, seeking help, and developing a personal time management plan down to the hour! Discover up to 10 hours of free time in your week!

Where Do I Go From Here – A Vision Board Workshop Focusing on Next Steps, Transitions and Soft Goal Setting – 2.5 Hours:
What do I want to do next? Where am I going? How will I get there? What resources do I need? Who can help me? These are all questions that we often wonder about when we find ourselves in a place of stagnation. Stagnation often occurs when we no longer find meaning in our jobs, relationships, or living situations. Help address the fear you might experience when contemplating change. This Vision board workshop will enable you to imagine how our life COULD be through Professional Life Coaching and a creative imagery process.

Closed Group Workshops:

Workshop populations can be a “closed group” where the client chooses the participants (great for small gatherings, religious organizations, non-profits, retreats, educational programs, ect… ). Closed groups provide the value of working with a group of people who already know one another.

Open Group Workshops:

Workshops are also offered as an “open group” where participants benefit from meeting and work-shopping with new people, gaining the valued perspective of objective participants.

*Group rates apply and vary depending on size. Sliding scale available.