Get Naked



Get Naked…. That’s right… take it ALL off.  Take off your ego, your self-preservation, your pride, your back up plan, your routine…. Let it all go and try something for the sake of trying it, not for the sake of “being good.”

The internal and external pressure we put on ourselves to “be good” at things in our society is not always beneficial.  I often wish there was more external pressure to “be trying” (please ignore the slang).  How would our lives change if we valued the art of trying verses the art ofsucceeding?  When we place so much value on “being good” it feels as though we must only demonstrate success and in turn, hide anything that doesn’t look like success. If we were to place more value on “trying” than we might be more inclined to showcase all of our efforts, our failed attempts, and a variety of ways of living and doing.  We also might be inclined to try more things.

Think for example about our online presence on Facebook or any other social media site.  For the most part, our posts are related to things that we are proud of.  Even the in-person conversations we have with our friends and family can often focus on demonstrating that we are “keeping it together” and “doing good.”  While I am not encouraging us to dwell on the negative, I am realizing that for myself, it can be challenging to find motivation to try new things, new things that I am not necessarily good at it, but none the less I want to try them.   Whom and what do we need in our life in order to feel inspired and encouraged to “try”?

As my son approaches his first birthday I realize that there are so many things I want him to try… in fact that might be a key motto of most of the parents that I know…”Just try it”!  So why not for our adult selves?  In the same way that I don’t expect my son to “be good” at everything he tries, I do hope he derives joy out of trying.

My whole life I have loved making people laugh and I have loved watching comedians on stage.  Neither of those facts makes me a “good” comedian however this week I signed up for a stand-up comedy class.  When I hit the “submit” button on the payment form, I felt a little jolt of fear.  I felt like I was signing up to get naked in front of strangers.  I’ve never done it, I’ve not been trained in stand up, and I am almost 33 years old.  My expectations will have less focus on “being good” at it, and more focus on “trying it.”

Personal Action:

1.  Do you surround yourself with people who encourage you
to “try”?  What would you try if you didn’t focus on “being
good” at it?   Will you try it?  When?

2.  My friend shared a quote that said “I think I fall in love a
little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.  This world
is so guarded and fearful, I appreciate rawness so much.”
Will you show someone part of you that is not polished?

I’ll Be Trying,