Fill in the Blank


When I began my life coaching certification program, I was often met with the question “why are you becoming a life coach?”.  My answer was pretty simple. It worked for me, I wanted to make it work for others.  I myself had benefited from life coaching as I utilized a coach to help me increase my work-life balance while I completed my master’s thesis and then a couple of years later another coach to help me negotiate a successful salary increase and flexible work schedule.  While psychotherapy has many uses (of which I have also seen the benefits), at points in my life I wanted to move at a faster pace, and quickly come up with an action plan that would help propel me.  I often knew I wasn’t quite happy with my current situation, but didn’t know exactly which steps would lead me towards a more fulfilling direction.  Coaching helped me weed through my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and come up with a plan.  I love plans!

Coaching can help people to organize their thoughts and transform their desired emotions into goals.  It’s almost like putting your feelings into an excel workbook, and having a formula that tells you what your next move could be, in order to increase your overall enjoyment of your life.

Below is a simplified coaching exercise you can do with yourself or a friend (perhaps someone who will hold you accountable).  You can do this activity weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel stuck.


Physics tells us that all actions cause a reaction.  Start creating the reactions you want:

Fill in the blanks below with how you want to feel, what makes you feel that way, who will help you accomplish your goals and how you will know when you’ve accomplished them.

I feel _______________when I  _______________, _______________ and _______________.

A few ways I could increase the amount that I _______________ is by:   _________________­­­­­___, ________________­­­­­____, ____________________ and __________________.

People who can help me accomplish this are _________________­­­­­___, ________________­­­­­____,  and __________________.

Ways I can help myself accomplish this are _________________­­­­­________, _____________________­­­­­____, ____________________ and _______________________.

I will commit to __________ times a day,  __________ time a week and __________ times a month.

I will know when I have accomplished (or signs that I am accomplishing) my goal when _________________­­­­­___, ________________­­­­­____, and __________________.

Thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for reading.