“I went to see Rachel because I was facing a significant and somewhat vague business challenge that was creating an absolute blockage in my client-relations and work productivity. All I can say is that I was feeling very stuck. The whole process with Rachel took my challenge from concept to solution.  I left with an entirely new outlook and a composed solution that was ready for action. The happy ending is that my problems un-knotted themselves before the day’s end. What more could you ask for?”

“Rachel has been key to realigning my perspective during times of stress and big decision-making. Last year I changed my profession and relocated to a different part of the country. With Rachel’s coaching and support I was able to gain clarity, prioritize, keep my sense of humor, and transform fear and stress into excitement and action.

“Rachel is a natural at coaching!  She is a good listener and intuitive as well.  She helped me work through a financial block that was limiting me.  Since my last session with Rachel, I had 3 new financial opportunities come my way!”

“Rachel helped me out of my 2 year long “quarter life crisis”. She worked along side me in creating small realistic goals and before I knew it, I was on a whole new path. I can not recommend her enough for anybody who is feeling stuck in their life and wants some guidance in moving forward.”

“I sought out Rachel during a career transition, hoping to find clarity and direction for the path ahead. I was concerned with feedback from colleagues, friends and family and had no idea how much that was getting in the way. What I learned about myself through our work together was profound yet simple: I am in the driver’s seat in my life and I must trust the driver in order to go where I want to go. Rachel was key in my discovery of how to guide and nurture myself through an uncertain time. This allowed me to know intuitively and deeply the next steps to take on my path. For this, I am forever grateful.”

“Rachel’s style of coaching is comfortable and easy. There is no spending hours and multiple sessions on past history.  We deal with the issues on the table and get through them.  Our sessions are like sitting down with a friend who listens with encouragement, and helps me work through and understand my current stressor.”

“Rachel coached me through one of the most difficult life events I have experienced.  Rachel taught me a personal life “mantra” that has lifted me to an amazingly high level of personal insight.  Without Rachel, I can’t begin to imagine how long it would have taken me to experience the inner peace I was seeking.”