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I’m Sorry

The best part about Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of atonement, is that it assumes we all need to atone.  Religious views aside, this holiday doesn’t just ask us to ask forgiveness from a G-d, it commands us to ask forgiveness to our fellow humans.  I love this! Not because asking for forgiveness is easy […]

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Remember Mad Libs? Try This…

Dear (Your Name_______________), I keep telling myself that I REALLY want to make time to ______________________ this year.   I haven’t done it because __________________,  ______________, and ____________________.  I  spend most of my time _____________________. When I do get a free moment I usually spend it _______________________ or ________________________.  If I really wanted to spend […]

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Should we Struggle?

I’m struggling knowing how much to struggle, how much to push myself.  It’s hard to know isn’t it?  When are we trying “hard enough,” and when are we trying too hard? How do you find the sweet spot?  Right now, I am in the middle of career transition, family transition (being away from the home/my […]

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“Are we at least willing to catch ourselves spinning off…Do we at least aspire to not consider ourselves a problem, but simply a pretty typical human being who could at that moment give him-or herself a break and stop being so predictable?” Pema Chodron I have been experimenting.  Pema Chodron, a prolific and quite accessible […]

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Disrupt, Disturb, Detour

I am someone who finds comfort in keeping order, having a routine, and holding tightly to my intentions.  Much of the time it is to my benefit.  I get a clear idea of what I want and I go after it like a hungry lion.  Little things don’t get in my way and when they […]

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At your Weakest…you are Strong

A couple of weeks ago I was having a horrible day.  I was tearful, sad, angry, confused, and filled with self-doubt.  In those moments I was losing faith in myself, unable to see any of my strengths, any of my unique gifts (that every human surely possesses)…and I was worried I might have lost my […]

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Dear Friends, It’s been a rough month.  Things I thought I could take for granted, I realized I couldn’t.  Things that were black and white became grey.  Things were messy and unpredictable and I hated it.   I love order, plans, and predictability.  I also realize at times I find predictability unbearably boring and draining…but it’s […]

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Perfection Makes Me Sad

One of my own personal challenges, as well as many of my clients is my desire to “get it right.” Get what right?  It could be anything from loading a dishwasher, packing my children’s lunches, to planning a family vacation.  And of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to do a good job at […]

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Let’s Stop Keeping Up

What if we all stopped trying to “keep up?”  Last week I gave a Time Management workshop to a group of parents.  They all expressed that they attended the workshop because they felt time management was important, and most of them expressed having “no time but to just keep up.” Keep up with work, house […]

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Having it All

Does it seem like some people have it all?  In an age of social media, facebook, instagram, pictures being texted, posted, forwarded, ect… Many of us come across a barrage of captured moments in other people’s lives.  We see funny clips, smiling friends, exotic travel pictures, delicious meals, vacations, snuggly babies, fancy clothes, made up […]

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