Dear friends,

Over the past two weeks the concept of “abundance” has presented itself to me through several conversations and situations with friends.  The idea of scarcity verses abundance is often tied to deep emotional feelings.  My husband is one who always seems to give freely, where I seem much more finicky.  I sometimes find myself wanting to give tons of stuff (food, gifts, leftovers, clothes, money) to one person, while another person I don’t want to give a penny to.  Why is that?  Why do I feel so free with some people and so greedy with others?  Through conversations with many friends and clients I realize that our relationship with our resources begins at a very young age.  I find it helpful to make sure this relationship is still serving us in a positive manner.  It may be time to loosen our grip.

I realize that around some of my friends I feel safe, and unconditionally supported.  I know that they are generous in spirit and anything I give to them will come back to me, if not monetarily than spiritually.  This is often the same kind of friend who will listen to my every detail of an overly detailed story. I have friends who make much more money than I do and likely always will.  These friends often give to me generously (birthdays, baby gifts, ect), more than I could give to them comfortably.  This took a long time to accept. In turn, I have friends who make less money than I do, and I know I can give more to them more comfortably than they could give to me.

I am trying to pinpoint the idea that while one friend may have less monetary resources to give you, when you are with them, you know they are giving you so much of what they have to offer and in turn you are inspired to give freely.

Abundance isn’t about actual money per say.  It’s trust that there is enough of everything to go around.  I am not saying that you do not need to earn a living and pay bills.  Money concerns are real concerns.  In fact, worrying about money is likely one of the leading causes of stress.   However, I realize that some situations ignite our faith in abundance and other situations (or people) ignite our fear of scarcity. 

When do our concerns about money stop serving us?
Here are some interesting ways to think about our resources:
*How much money/resources do I need to live comfortably?

*Does an exchange of resources always have to be fair?

*What is the emotional cost you pay for always keeping score of whom contributed what?

*How does it feel to give freely, without expectation of being paid back?

* What is the difference between being taken advantage of and giving freely?

* What am I willing to pay in order to care less about being “even”?

***Experiment: Try giving more freely to a couple of people this month, including
yourself.  Buy yourself and others some special treats and see how it feels. I
would love to hear about it!